What a Week!

We had an amazing week of celebrating God's mercy and faithfulness in our personal lives as well as with Compassion Connection. We have walked through a lot of trials lately - which bring about their own work of glory and humility, but it makes the works of His marvelous hands even more humbling when He chooses to let us participate in the work of glory that also comes with joyful celebration. 

We started off with a surprise celebration for Steve and his (this month) 60 years of life...40 of that spent serving God and His people in ministry. People from literally all over the world sent notes and letters thanking him for the parts he has played in leading them to Christ and to the gospel. We spent time in worship, thanking God for His divine appointments and for His absolute faithfulness. If you have the time you can watch the video that Sandi put together for him at the end of this post.

The next day, we celebrated God's merciful intervention in calming down Cotopaxi volcano and allowing thousands to live and keep their livelihood. With this, we had an Inauguration Celebration of Cotopaxi Training Center (Centro de Capacitación Cotopaxi). We are now in full gear to move ahead with training up pastors on our property in Lasso! It was a wonderful time of giving thanks to God for all He's done.

The next day, we drove into Quito for the installation of two Ecuadorian young men as Pastors/Elders at our church plant La Fuente. Juan Moncayo is now the new lead pastor and Pablo Tamayo and Ruben Cadena are the new lay Pastors/Elders.

All of this was crowned with a trip with our stateside partnering church, Matthias' Lot, to the jungle church plant in Santa Ana. Huge inroads have been made here as far as sharing the gospel and encouraging the lead pastor, Dario. Boys and Girls Bible Clubs have been started in order to reach children with the gospel before they hit their teen years. 

How we thank God and thank all of you who have supported CC long term and have made all of these incredible happenings possible! To God be the glory forever and ever, amen! Watch a quick wrap up of our week here: