Urgent Prayer Needed

Friends and Fellow Laborers,

We here in Ecuador need your prayers. As you have undoubtedly heard by now, Mt. Cotopaxi is re-activating and shows every sign of building to a major eruption that could affect many lives and much property, including:


  • Our Church Planting Training Center: According to maps, Cotopaxi Training Center (CTC) is directly in the path of the deadly mud flows predicted to take place following an eruption of major proportion. CTC represents about $250,000 of donations, years of planning and labor, and was scheduled to launch into its "training mode" this November.  In a personal way it represents a vision and investment of everything we have been about for nearly 17 years in Mexico and Ecuador with the view to have "fruit that remains.”


  • Our Church Plant in Quito: While most of our church members live in areas safely removed from the mud flows, all of Quito will be affected. If Cotopaxi erupts, there will be an immediate shortage of drinking water, possible toxic ash filling the air, and up to 325,000 displaced persons pouring in from the surrounding country.


I want to ask for two things:

Will you commit to pray with us over the next weeks?

  • That God would mercifully calm the mountain and save thousands of people from disaster.

  • That, if a major eruption does occur, we will be prepared to demonstrate God’s love and mercy to those in need of assistance in their trauma.

  • That God prepares our hearts to accept the possibility of losing all physical evidence of our labors in Ecuador: the Training Center, our land, and the first personal home we have had in 17 years. In one sense, these are only “treasures on earth,” yet they represent a broader vision of eternal value as well.

  • We’ll continue to keep you informed on our mailing list.


If God leads you, would you give to the aid efforts our church in Quito is preparing? We believe that God has called us for such a time as this. We would love for you to help us bring hope, love, and truth in a dark time.

  • Donate toward the relief efforts we are organizing (Click the "Cotopaxi Relief Fund" button). Our church is preparing packages of food, water, face masks, bedding, and shelter for the possible refugees from the danger zone. 1 package (for one person) including all of this costs only $45, and could mean a huge difference for a displaced family.

Note: If time proves that there is no eventual large-scale eruption, all items will be donated to and immediately used by a local charity for the homeless that our church works with in Quito.


Finally, here are some key links to help you stay updated: